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I offer very affordable ad space on my blog! I'd love to promote your business, blog, etsy shop or website of any type. I'll use social media to bring the most people I can to you. I will only choose sites that are a good fit for this blog. I do that because I respect my readers and I want to promote to them something that they really care about. And I do it for you, because I don't want you to spend your money to something that won't bring you lots of traffic.
Is your site a good fit?

Fairytale Comes Alive is a lifestyle blog that covers many different topics. Food, vegan living, baby and kid, crafts, natural homekeeping, healthy living, decoration and lately with parties too! 

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You can send me your products and I'll create a special review post for them. There's also the possibility to feature them in future posts. I'd love to review house products, books, clothes, shoes, vegan cosmetics, jewlery and toddler products such as toys, books, clothes just to name a few. Please note that I will only accept products that fit my lifestyle and ethics. Keep in mind that I'm vegan :)


If you have any questions, I love receiving mails at fairytalecomesalive(at)gmail(dot)com

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