23 Before 23

Better later than never, I guess. On 13th of July I became 22 (woot woot). My birthday cake was a delicious vegan tropical cheesecake made by me of course, in case you were wondering. Man, what a trip this year has been. Probably the hardest year of my life. Too much sadness and despair. But luckily, things are already a loooot better. Although my life took a completely different direction than the one I wanted (I was hoping that I could go to my village, build a cob house, grow veggies etc.), it seems that this is actually working. I'm really satisfied with my life right now. We still have problems that we're working on but no that thing...no, a lot better!

Into the good stuff now. I have written this list a few months ago. In this photo, you can see how we are this moment as I'm typing these words. I'm having a coffee while sitting on my couch, blogging and snuggling with my (always) breastfeeding baby. The weather is finally rainy (not that I especially wanted that) and hugs on the couch are necessary. Unlike with the 22 before 22 list, I'll do everything to accomplish all of my goals or at least most of them. And if I won't move again, I will.

Before my 23 birthday I'm planning to...
1. Get a driving licence.

2. Finish my reading challenge with success (I have to hurry up!).

3. Make a beautiful yard and a veggie garden.

4. Have many plants is my house.

5. Start composting.

6. Have another tattoo.

7. Have a picnic.

8. Make our life more ecological.

9. Do more yoga and meditation.

10. Organise Nereus's space according to Montessori's ideas.

11. Sell something on my shop.

12. Make our new rental a warm space.

13. Start baby swimming.

14. Start crocheting.

15. Make my own deodorant.

16. Baptize Nereus.

17. Potty train Nereus.

18. Make a donation.

19. Take Nereus to a live concert.

20. Have a vacation trip with my two men.

21. Get some 'me' time once in a while.

22. Plan a party for Philip's birthday (he deserves it).

23. Finish those damn scarves that have been on my list forever.


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