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Favourite Things And Links

Not really relevent photo but I just couldn't resist. Nereus is the only kid I know who eats raw nuts and goji berry mix while watching a movie. ps. He never stays still, even when he's watching a movie.

First of all, congrats to the winner of our giveawaySzappanbubi   !!! Check you mails!!!

These days have been difficult for me. Nereus caught a cold and then I caught it (we still have it). My camera lense has dust in it, taking the most aweful pictures and I don't know how to clean it. There's not to much work lately (therefore not much money too), but I'm actually working on a new project that I'm very excited about and I'm busy enough. I also want to make our place pretty and functional but the fact that we're probably won't stay here for long discourages me (my time and money are so little and precious) and eventually distresses me. Rainy days make it even worse. Ok, basically the rain must be the reason everything seems so aweful to me. Three days in a row is too much for me.

To make it a little worse, it seems that Nereus has eczema!!! I still have to do a lot of research cause I didn't even know what it is until a few days before, but do you know any natural remedies?

Besides all this darkness (to be a little dramatic) I feel good to be here right now, relaxed while Nereus naps. I'm drinking my last coffee. Now the jar is empty and I have nothing to tempt me while quitting it. I don't know if I'm going to completely stay away from it in the end. I'm thinking that I could have a cup of black coffee occasionally, but definitely not once or twice a day like I do now. It's too acidic to consume so much of it.

Below you can find my links. I hope you'll enjoy them!

Do you nurse your toddler and many times you feel frustrated? This helps me everytime!

I found this from tothesea. What City Should You Actually Live In? Portland for me...haha...I knew it!

Vegan tattoos for kids?! Nereus would have a blast...

Has anyone read this book? I think I'm starting this one after finishing all the uncompleted ones.

Speaking about books, are you a Goodreads member?

Still trying to find the perfect night to make this awesome (and fatty) dip and watch a movie with my man. There are gonna be beers too of course!

10 Benefits to Drinking Warm Lemon Water Every Morning

Are you sad because you tiny yard is covered by concrete? Then make sidewalk chalk and get crazy with your kid...our next project!!

Favourite etsy finds. One. Two. Three.

If you love taking photos, read these posts!

Also this. What a great business and an awesome opportunity!

 Aaand because I want to finish this post in a positive way...

I am so honoured that my homemade vegan yogurt has gotten so popular! I feel honoured to be included in lists like this and this!

Also, thanks for having me back on the first page of Top Baby Blogs! Click on the button below to vote if you wish! Thank you very much!

We Are A Top Baby Blog

Have an awesome week!

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What I Ate Wednesday

This was a beautiful week full of consideration according food. I've been flirting with the idea of going sugar free again. I finished this book yesterday. It really helped with all these questions I had from the last time I quitted. In her book, Sarah Wilson, suggests to take it slowly, and for a long time I thought that cold turkey (hate this expession, is there any other way to say this in english...sorry I'm too greek) was my style, until I thought about all these times I have quitted something. From quit being a smoker, to being an omnivore, to eating sugar, to eating salt. I noticed a pattern. All these times it was happening slooowly until one day I was like ''ok, I'm stopping now''. This is what Sarah Wilson suggests in her book! I also realized that I've been doing this again unconsciously with sugar this past week. Well, not exactly, I stayed away from sweet treats, sweeteners etc. but fruits...well, I had lots of them! I have been actually replacing all the sweet treats I've been having with fruits. I decided to get rid of (aka eat) all the sweets in this house, from agave to apples and everything, before cutting back so I 'll have nothing to tempt me.

Have you been sugar free before?

Wanna try this with me?

This is what I ate yesterday, posted a little later than it should have.


I'm trying to start going to bed and waking up earlier again. I am way more productive in the early hours and generally it's better for me to have some time to get prepared for the new day before my little monster wakes up. It's hard after all these years of living in the night-sleeping in the day. I managed to wake up at 6 am today though and had a cup of herbal tea. Yogi tea of course, my fave!

Waking up early to get some work done is a tricky thing cause the little one wakes up very easily and wants to breastfeed. He then either falls asleep again or wakes up for good. Today, Nereus breastfed just a little bit and woke up veeery hungry. We got dressed and headed to the kitchen. He had almost half an avocado while I was mashing the rest for our awesome avocado toast on whole grain sprouted bread. We finished our toasts and shared a small glass of orange and blood orange juice.

Morning Snack

Green smoothie time! This one had coconut milk, a handful of parsley, 4 leaves or romaine lettuce, a few pineapple pieces, a banana, a teaspoon of chlorella and topping of flaxseed meal. See this little hand right there? He couldn't wait!


I recently started trying to keep him from napping, so he would sleep early at night and I could get things done. Sometimes it works, while others he just can't keep his eyes open. That was a day like this. He was breastfeeding (yeah again, I know, he would be there all day if he could) and I was reading him a story, and before I realized he was asleep. I ate lunch alone. Red lentil soup, toasted bread with olive oil and oregano and olives.

Afternoon Snack

Nereus woke up, nursed a bit (I'm telling you he won't stop) and asked for apples. He had only a couple of slices. I offerd him a cup of oat milk. He drunk it all. I had his left overs and went to work for a couple of hours.


Came home tired and hungry and found my men eating so I totally forgot about pictures and attacked our meal. Quinoa salad (the best I'm gonna share the recipe as soon as I can), roasted brussel sprouts and fries. Philip wanted to contribute to this meal, so...fries! We don't eat them often so I just indulged.

Δευτέρα, 13 Ιανουαρίου 2014

Green Smoothie Recipe & A Delicious Giveaway -CLOSED-

Green smoothies are a favourite in this house. When I work mostly from home, they are an everyday habit. When I'm away from home many hours and indulge in junk food, they are the first thing I eat to feel good again.

My smoothies change from time to time according to what I feel I need, or what needs to be eaten to not end up to the dumpster. When I need something light, I use water or juice as liquid part and mostly fruits and veggies. When I am more in need of something that will keep me full I use nutmilks and add nut butters, coconut oil, seeds and vegan protein.

Smoothies are a good way to make sure my kid takes all the nutrients he needs. If one day, he hasn't eaten very well, I make him a smoothie. I add coconut oil, when he hasn't eaten enough fats. Flaxseed, chia or hemp seeds for his omegas. Protein powder, nut seeds and nut milks for extra protein and minerals.

Today, I'm gonna share with you an awesome recipe for a green smoothie. The Vanilla Almondila protein powder really does make the difference, although the smoothie tastes very good even without it.

- One (very) ripe banana
- Juice of three oranges
- A few pieces of pineapple
- Goji berries
- A teaspoon of chlorella
- A tablespoon (or scoop) of Vanilla Almondila protein powder
- A handfull of spinach (not pictured)
- A probiotic capsule (not pictured either)

Simply put everything in you blender. Remember that you forgot to add and photograph the spinach and the probiotics. Ask from the screaming little kid to be patient and add them without taking photos (does this sounds familiar to you?). Put in two glasses and share with your little one. Now, smile!

Cause one lucky reader is going to win a packet of Earth Circle Chlorella and a packet of Vanilla Almondila protein powder for his/her smoothies. How awesome is that? The giveaway is open worldwide! This is my first Rafflecopter giveaway so let me know if something doesn't work! Thanks and good luck!

Oh, and by clicking the links of this post to Iherb (my favourite shop to buy organic products), you automatically get up to $10.00 on your first purchase!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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What I Ate Wednesday

Last week, it was the first time I joined Jenn's link party named "What I Ate Wednesday". One of my all time favourite activities is stalking other people to see what they eat. What a pleasure it was when I found her blog, while I was at that phase that I was bored eating the same recipes (it was hard to experiment while our family was adjusting to my new life as a working mom). I had so much fun exploring what other bloggers ate last week of course, but most of all I was surprised by my own self! I found out that there are so many healthy eating habits that I have quitted. Sprouting, herbal infusions and tea making, green juices and smoothies, salads...foods that I used to have everyday and made me feel light and happy. I drink more coffee and alcohol than what I should. I eat chips and cookies for snacks. I want to change that.

This week I had less beer and coffee than usually. I brought zero sweet treats in the house...therefore I didn't eat any...ok, maybe I ate some of Philip's birthday cake but, I deserved it man, it took me a lot of time to make it! I had more raw fruits and veggies and almost every meal contained salad. I'm planning to be healthier again and I feel so good about it! I also bought this book for my kindle. By the way, since I failed to finish the 2013 Reading Challenge of 30 books (I started in the middle of the year, can this stand as an excuse?), I decided to keep a low profile and challenge myself to read 50 books this year. It's all about achievable goals, right?


Nereus and I had a bowl each with oats cooked in almond milk and topped with coconut butter, cacao nibs, hemp seeds and extra almond milk.

Morning Snack

Nereus had a walk with his grandma (my mother) and had a banana. It was the first time Nereus was out with someone else and and Philipand I were home. We didn't even know what to do haha. I even forgot to eat. No photos obviously.


Homemade falafel with baked potatoes and sweet potatoes. White and purple cabbage salad with alfalfa sprouts on top. Nereus almost completely ignored his plate and wanted to breastfeed.

Afternoon Snack

Smoothie with banana, blueberry and pomegranate juice, spirulina, probiotics and topped with flaxseed meal.

I asked Nereus if he wanted a smoothie or a fruit salad. He said "futa", his own way to say fruits in greek. I made him a plate with goji, pear and banana (I totally forgot he had another one in the morning). This is a great trick for parents of toddlers by the way. By giving them the chance to choose something, they feel they have control over their lives which is something all toddlers want. Whenever I ask Nereus if he wants a smoothie or anything else I get a big fat no (unless if I offer spirulina, then it's always a yes)! When I give him the choice, most of the times, a get a peaceful accurate answer.


We ordered pizza. I asked the vegetarian with no cheese. When it came, I took it out added some vegan cheese and left it in the oven to melt. The life of a vegan.

Nereus is the only kid I know who doesn't like pizza. I opened a pizza slice for this picky eater. He ended up eating just a little bit of the pizza crust, the vegan cheese and the olives. He's not really that much into food lately, he's definitely teething.

Δευτέρα, 6 Ιανουαρίου 2014

How We Celebrated This Year?

This is typically the time that all bloggers share pictures of their homes decorated, making treats, preparing presents and everything christmas-y (ok, maybe this time has passed and I would have posted this about 2 weeks ago if the silly blogger app hadn't mess with my posts. aka deleted them. twice). To be honest, I had no time to decorate or anything else until christmas eve. And it's not just that, this year I also had to choose what my relationship with christmas would be.

A few years ago, I hated christmas. Not that much because of the religous part (although I used to be an angry atheist). I hated the fact that most people were being total assholes all year long but then...suddenly...oh-my-god-it's-christmas-let's-be-good-to-each-other. And when these days were ending they were coming back to their ugly selves. Not to mention the consumerism.

Although every year these days, I was turning to a real Grinch, when I became a mom, I felt different about christmas. I wanted to celebrate with and for my child (and I do every single day). The thing was how I would celebrate.

Last year he was too young, but now I could see his interest for christmas lights, santa, rudolf etc. The truth is that I don't want him to believe that there's an old man who brings whatever present Nereus asks. If he wants to use his (already crazy) imagination to make pictures of santa or anything else, that's ok with me and I'll use my (definitely crazy) imagination to play with him. But I will never ever lie to him to make him believe that santa ate the cookies or something. I want him to trust me and therefore I will never lie.

I made a little research and I learned a lot about how and what people celebrate these days. This could be an amazing activity to share with Nereus in a few years, too. It was an easy choice for me. I am not a relegious person, but I'd love to celebrate winter solstice and the coming of the new year.

I'm still working on it and I believe that I always will. Mostly because I don't know how Nereus will react to all these as he grows up. I know that maybe he'll want to do what other kids do and I guess I'll be going with my gut.

I want to make little family traditions though and for now, the plan goes like this....

We had nothing. At all. Last year my mother had given us her tree and ornaments (yes, she's awesome). But, what about this year? I had no intension to pay for a plastic tree that's gonna be here poluting our earth after we leave. The idea of giving money for having a real tree slowly dying in my living room was worse. Lack of space was an issue, too. And then, the idea came! I would buy a live plant in a pot so we can have it all year long!! I found a little fir tree that Nereus keeps calling a 'baby'. We made the ornaments for the tree ouselves and I also bought lights because who doesn't love lights?

All our presents are selectively chosen and they all have a practical use. I wrapped them in this lovely brown paper and I'm planning to open them carefully, keep the paper and reuse it. The presents will be being opened on the morning of the new year. By the way, I was surprised to see all those gifts other bloggers received like mixers, laptops, cameras etc. and all of our gifts are like slippers, books, underwear...we are so poor haha! Seriously now, I don't underastimate our presents and I'm so grateful that I'm able to afford buying them. And I'm not jealous. I know I'm not gonna get any expensive presents in the near future and that's ok. And of course I hope everyone is happy with their presents. I just feel like I live in a different world sometimes. Maybe I am. Oh, I almost forgot...I decided to make a little tradition. That would be to take an amount of the extra money I make this time of the year and an amount of Nereus's money too and make a donation or helping someone in need. This year, because we didn't have much money but really wanted to give something, we donated $10 (I know, it's silly little but better than nothing) to PETA and I also donated $16 to become a PETA member and recieve interesting goodies.

This is just a silly last minute box for letters to santa I made for the job.

Well, lots of them in this country. First of all, we make (or buy) lots of sweet treats. Mostly non vegan and full of sugar. I'm thinking about veganising and adding other sweeteners instead of sugar. We didn't this year, but maybe we could do this in the future. On the eves, kids are singing christmas songs to
neighbors and get money. It's something similar to trick or treating. I'm not sure how this is going to work cause I would like Nereus to do this and I believe he would too but the song content is too religious related that I can't stand it sorry. This time, we sang Nereus's favorite kids song but in the future, if he wants to do it outside the family he'll have to learn the actual song and I'll have to relax a bit. I also found out that there's a lot of work for me this time of the year, but I'll be prepared for next year.

We took Nereus to the Christmas factory. Like last year, he rided the carousel this time with his dad. Later we all had a ride at the train. We danced a bit and left to grab some food.

How did you celebrated this year?

Anything special?

Any suggestions for funny activities for kids for christmas/winter solstice (for next year)?

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2014 & What I Ate Wednesday

Happy New Year to everyone! How are you? I am fine but I also feel a little strange. This is the first time that the coming of the new year finds me so grounded. I usually feel excited and my head is full of plans and ideas to accomplish, but this time...I just wanna relax. I want things to keep being as they are. No changes. No big ones at least. If you know me well, you probably think I am crazy as everyone knows that routine is my worst enemy. I don't know, maybe all these changes that 2013 brought to my life have overwhelmed me. From being a SAHM to being a working mom who also works from home and keeps her parents' shop every Monday...to moving twice in 5 months...to being completely independent financially (I know, taken for granted by most people, but what a huge thing with the condition in this country)...to watching my baby becoming a spirited and strong willed toddler...to phew...what a year!!!

Right now, all I need is time to spend with my family. I will only work to finish my 23 before 23 list. I want to make this rental feel like home for us. I want to be a good mom for Nereus and a good partner for Philip. I also want a new pair a myopia glasses but damn you insurance people...I don't qualify to get the 100 euro off. And the Harry Potter trick with the tape doesn't work anymore, they broke in a second spot.


Anyways, I was thinking about our eating habits lately. They have certainly changed since I started working. We are not the we-eat-only-wholesome-homemade-food family, anymore. We still eat healthy colorful vegan food, but sometimes we do not! Nereus still doesn't eat sweet treats, with the exception of fruits and some molasses now and then...oh and he had a tiny bit of maple syrup for the first time last week cause he really wanted to try it. We all eat small amounts of salt. Philip spends many hours away because of his work and therefore he eats the meals I prepare only 1 or 2 times a day. And even when we eat together, as an omnivore, he sometimes eats something different.

So, at this new post that I'm gonna be repeating as often as I can, I will be writing down and taking photos of all the meals Nereus and I have all day long. This day is not gonna be a Wednesday, but a day that I get to spend with him so I can document all of our meals. I wish I could write these posts every week, but I know that I probably won't be able to follow so we'll see. 

By doing these kinds of posts I want to start a (very) slow improvement to my eating habits. I think I'll cut back on sugar again cause I think I've been addicted again. That would be a good opportunity to check what Nereus eats after the end of the Vegan Baby Led Weaning posts. So, here we go!


Days always start with coffee. Always. No milk, no sweetener.

I also had a grain-seed-fruit-nut bar cause I can't have coffee without something to eat with. Nereus stole some of this when he realised I was eating. I'm telling you, this kid wakes up hungry!

Now, this is our real breakfast. Cooked muesli with rice milk fortified with calcium. Little raisins and dried banana slices in there too. Pear. Nereus had two bowls of cereal and most of the pear. I starved...just kidding.

Morning Snack

Well, we skipped this cause we woke up kind of late and our breakfast has been filling enough.


Totally a junk food lunch. I spent the day at home, but for some reason I got so lazy and ordered food. Souvlakia of course, because we're fucking greek people. From left to right, souvlaki with pita bread, fries, onion, lettuce and mustard. Up, pita bread and down homemade yogurt dill sauce (divine) I made while we were waiting for the delivery. Fried zucchini. Fries.

Afternoon Snack

Green smoothie. Ok, that was one of the best smoothies I've ever had. Seriously. We couldn't get enough. By the way, smoothies are my favourite meals to share with Nereus. Mostly because he gets so excited about our smoothie mustaches!


Dinners are being eaten early here. 19:00 pm. As I said I got lazy and I'm so grateful that my grandmother made vegan pumpkin pie for us.

Late Night Snack

After Nereus sleeps, I get the chance to clean up a bit, get some work done and if I'm lucky enough I get to blog too! I just realized that more times than not I'm having a beer (or wine) and junk food salty snacks. This time I'm having a Kaiser beer and Lay's sweet chili whole wheat cereal snack with wheat, oats and corn...I'm basically translating what's written on the packet making it sound healthy...haha.

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