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Last week I took a little break from blogging to take a deep breath and put my chaotic life in an order. The days I wasn't blogging, I took the chance to do all these stuff that I didn't have time to do! I took a lot of walks with my loves, I sewed, I knitted, I cooked and cooked and cooked, I did little but important things in the house and had lots of fun! That was excactly what I needed!
I made vegan cream cheese and almond milk pulp crackers (here topped with sprouted wheat berries)
I also made almond milk yogurt...I have missed it so much!
VISITING friends and relatives that I haven't seen for a while because Nereus was sick and grouchy and the weather was crappy.

WORKING very very hard. Simply growing a little person is too much work to do. But, now that I'm working part time while trying to turn my blog from a hobby into a part time business and open an etsy shop (soon...spring soon!!!) and still being the main cooker-homekeeper of this house and a mother of course...well, now I understand what overwhelming means! Oh I forgot to mention that I'm probably starting another job as a face painter for kids parties (that's what I was doing before Nereus came).

CREATING beautiful baby stuff for my soon to open shop! Creation is a huge part of me! I really enjoy making with love! I'm so excited that my shop is going to be reality pretty soon!

LOVING my boy, my man, myself! I love the sun, the wind and the whole universe! Yes, you guessed right...I've been meditating lately!

MISSING being in my own house. Too many people with so different lifestyles in a too little house and no intension to make things easier by some of those make cohabitation extremely difficult. Just being patient until things will change. And I believe that things will change soon!


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Handmade Baby Stuff Giveaway! -CLOSED-

Hello my lovelies! 
I'm super excited to announce another giveaway! I've created super cute baby products for your little ones that I'm giving away, as I have promised I would do for my blog's birthday! Too late of course...but better later than never <=this tends to be my motto!

I have also mentioned before that I would like to have another giveaway when I would reach 100 followers. This happened overnight and while I was in the middle of preparing this and the ipad mini giveaway. So, I thought about doing another giveaway with my creations when I reach 200 followers! So share it with your friends and family because more handmade goodness is coming!

This time we're gonna have 3 winners! Oh yeah! You can choose between the orange or acqua montessori inspired puzzle balls and the white cloud pillow/plush toy.

The giveaway starts today, 27 of February and ends at 6 of March.
Edit at 5 of March: I just noticed that I only left you one week to participate, so the giveaway is being continued until Tuesday the 12 of March.

To Enter:
*these steps are mandatory*

*Simply leave a comment on this post telling me which one of the products shown here you would like to win. Please leave your email too so I can contact you if you win.
To enter this giveaway, you have to be a follower of this blog via google friends connect.

For additional entries:
*these steps are optional*

*Like FairytaleComesAlive on facebook and leave a separate comment telling me that you did + your facebook name.

*Follow me on twitter and leave a separate comment telling me that you did + your twitter name.

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Vegan Baby Led Weaning: *Cutlery*

When is my baby going to start eating with a spoon?

Many parents worry about when it's the right time for their baby to start using cutlery. The answer is that there is no "right" time. The baby will use cutlery as a toy at first and if you're giving him the chance to see you eating, he'll eventually use it to feed himelf. It depends on when the baby is ready.

We were offering a spoon everytime Nereus was eating, but he didn't show any interest in using it properly until he was 13 months old. The first weeks, he was having a few trials with the spoon and then leaving it to continue with his hands. It was easier that way. Until one day, he grabbed the spoon and ate all of his soup like a sir!

I suggest you, to offer a spoon or a fork with the baby's meals and eat with him so he can see what you do and copy you! If you give him the chance, he'll do it when he's ready!

But, I'm tired of all the mess...

You're probably worrying about when the mess is ending. Come on, I know you do! Let me tell you a little secret. Even when the baby starts using his cutlery efficiently, the mess doesn't stop! Oh, yes! Of course this is not a rule! There are probably babies who are really neat eaters. But most of them are not! Food is a fun toy,after all!

I know it's hard but, accept the mess(if you haven't already)! Remember that they're gonna have many years to be nice and clean, but oh so few months to be covered in food!

If you have one of those little ones, who eat nicely at the beginning and after a while they start tossing food around, it's probably because they don't want to eat more. Check how they respond when you try to move them away. If they seem ok, then you might want to make it a habit to take them out of the highchair as soon as you realize they're full. This way you'll minimize the mess!

Ok, what cutlery's the best?

Generally, most parents agree that babies find adult size cutlery difficult to eat, but again this depends on the baby. Some babies take very seriously the copy-my-parents thing and prefer to use big utensils!

In my opinion, you don't have to spend money. Small size cutlery that you already have in your home can do the job. I had these plastic type baby cutlery given to me but I found out that they were too big for Nereus's mouth and that it was harder for him to get the food on them. Simple teaspoons made of metal are the best option for me for two more reasons. They are more eco friendly and the baby gets the chance to touch a matetial whose temperature changes as he holds it!

This is just my opinion. I encourage you to try and find what works best for you and you little one!

For more information and ideas, I suggest you to buy  Baby-Led Weaning: The Essential Guide to Introducing Solid Foods - and Helping Your Baby to Grow Up a Happy and Confident Eater . If you buy it through this link, I get a small percentage of money which is so important for me. If you buy it this way, thank you very much!

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"A portrait of my child, once a week, in 2013."

Nereus: One of the rare times that we use the stroller and Nereus? He fell asleep!
I took this picture the moment he woke up wondering where he is.

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"A portrait of my child, once a week, in 2013."
A very late one, because I was having a break from blogging. Glad I'm back!

Nereus:  Chasing birds...

Thanks for keeping me on the first page! You votes make me happy!
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iPad Mini Giveaway! -CLOSED-

Welcome to the iPad Mini Giveaway!

Today I'm sooo excited to give you the chance to win an iPad Mini! Are you excited?
 I teamed up with some other bloggers and created this awesome giveaway for you! I'm so jealous that I can't participate!

iPad Mini 16gb Wi-fi
Giveaway ends March 15th, 11:59 pm GMT.
Your choice of colour (White/Black)

To enter please use the Rafflecopter form below! It's up to you how many entries you do, but bare in mind the more you complete the better chance of winning!

Please take a moment to visit our co-hosts below. 

Disclosure: I have received no compensation for this post. Any opinions are my own and may differ from your own. Please contact ohsoamelia@gmail.com with any questions or if you would like to take part in the next big event. 

Hello everyone-this post sucks!

I have so many stuff in my mind right now! I'm working on way too many things these days and I think that it would be better to not blog for a few days, maybe? I really want to make everything happen!

I'm going to post our rad giveaway in a few minutes! So, stay tuned!

While I'm away, go read my breastfeeding story on African Babies Don't Cry! Oh, it would be awesome if you could leave a comment telling me your thoughts about my story!

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Πέμπτη, 14 Φεβρουαρίου 2013

Children's Book Review: Eat Your Words: Numbers & Letters

A few days ago, Calee from Xist Publishing, contacted me to ask if I wanted to review one of their books. As a book worm I couldn't say no! We chatted a little bit and she found the perfect book for us to review. But, before I talk about this great book, let me introduce you to Xist Publishing!

"Xist Publishing creates books for the touchscreen generation and is committed to helping parents foster a lifetime love of reading in their children--no matter what form it takes.  Our books are designed without distractions and geared for toddlers through beginning readers."  

I know that in this crazy life we live in, our kids get used to computers and other gadgets from a very young age. As a parent, I prefer not to see my child in front of a screen and until now, Nereus hasn't seen any movies (we don't watch tv). We also use the computers only when he's sleeping unless we can't do otherwise (example:search for recipes or some kind of info etc.) . But despite that little interaction he has with technology, he already knows how to turn on (and off but the wrong way) the laptop, since he was 14 months old and he's generally 'interestead' in computers! We have to accept the fact that technology is a big part of our lives and if my kid reads books on the laptop, I say yes!

I asked Calee for a vegan friendly book and she responded with 'Eat Your Words: Numbers & Letters'. A children's book that promotes healthy whole food?! Yay! And guess what? Her family's vegan, too and this is one of the books she has written!

About the book now! First of all it's in kindle form, which means that you can read it on your kindle device (obviously), on your tablet, computer, iphone...whatever! 
"Encourage healthy eating with this counting and alphabet book!
Each page features delicious fruit and vegetables and will expose children to familiar favorites as well and exotic treats.
Kids will learn to count cucumbers and learn their ABCs through nature.

Clean and crisp design make it distraction-free for the littlest readers."

I know by my experience how difficult it is to find all vegan books for your child. You have to check all the pages to make sure that there's nothing there promoting distorted truth, right? Things get harder when you buy books through the internet! Well, I assure you that you can buy this book without second thought!

This book is the perfect fit for vegan families and vegetarian also! But even omnivores who eat (or want to eat) a plant based diet and want to teach healthy eating to their children!

Nereus only wants to read for a few seconds and then put the book back on the bookcase, which is so tiring for me. But he can't do that with kindle books haha! He spent a few minutes pointing at the veggies and 'asking' me what their names are! It was like "aaAAAaah" (at the some tone as mine when I tell him what is what) while pointing on the screen. And I was answering "E is for eEEggplaaant". Oh and when he decided that we should finish he closed the laptop...that crazy kid!

ps. Philip took these photos. He's good at many things...but photos? Well, at least he helped.

Τετάρτη, 13 Φεβρουαρίου 2013


Just a cute picture of my child.

LOVING the beautiful letter Sofia sent me! Yesterday morning I was really angry for some reasons, when the bell ringed. It was the postman who brought me the gift I won a couple of weeks ago on Polly's blog giveaway. When I saw it, my mood changed immediately! I have chatted a little bit with Sofia the previous days and I was pretty sure her words would lift me up! I threw it in my bag and headed to work. Half an hour later I opened it to find a little quartz stone with handwritten instructions on how to use it and a personal letter written by Sofia especially for me! I'm telling you this letter made me cry...it touched my soul! When I finished reading it, I was feeling the catharsis and a feeling that I can accomplish anything I want! I don't believe in luck...I believe everything happens for a reason! And there is a reason I won this letter and not some kind of object. It was the spiritual lift I was in need right now and the universe brought it to me! Sofia and Polly thank you so much for this opportunity! 

DREAMING of my new life! I haven't achieved anything, yet :) ! But, I will! At the moment, me and my love work hard to save some money and decide what we want and what we don't want for our future! We are hoping for a farm and a little cob house far away from civilization (lol).

ADMIRING Nereus's achievements! We talk to him both in greek and english, but mostly in greek. The day before yesterday, I asked in english where his nose is and he really pointed at his nose! My son has a perchant for foreign languages! He made me so proud!

KISSING Philip and Nereus all day long! I'm so lucky I have them!

GIFTING nothing! We believe that Valentine's is all about commercial reasons and only! It's nice that people show their love, but we prefer doing little actions of love everyday! ps. We have no money (lol).
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Hello everyone! I made a Bloglovin account and now you can follow me there too!

<a href="http://www.bloglovin.com/blog/4587419/?claim=7wtzqs5gfpx">Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a>

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Random stuff + A GUEST POST

Just one last call:
If you're interested in being a happify pioneer please leave a comment with your email address on this post or send it to me at fairytalecomesalive(at)gmail(dot)com
I'm only able to invite a couple of people! Hurry up!

Today, I'm avoiding my regular baby led weaning post once again! I wanted to write about cutlery and stuff, but you'll have to wait until the next week { i know you can't wait : p }.

The reasons my plans changed:

-Guest posting on Josie's blog oh! you pretty things . Yay! She has a new series called 'Mothers On Motherhood' where mothers share their thoughts about what else? motherhood! Check out my post and please spend a few seconds to leave a comment telling us what do you think!

-Sewing for my blog's one year birthday giveaway! Yes.still.I know.I know.

-Preparing an awesome -seriously- giveaway! Ok I can't wait...it's for an ipad mini!!! I have teamed up with some other bloggers to bring you this great giveaway! Come back on the 15th of February to enter for your chance to win!

-Changing the blog a bit. Adding this, removing that. More to come!

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"A portrait of my child, once a week, in 2013."
Nereus: A visit from this little guy at work. He ate my apple.

At least he shared some of it.

If you're interested in being a happify pioneer please leave a comment with your email address on this post or send it to me at fairytalecomesalive(at)gmail(dot)com

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Πέμπτη, 7 Φεβρουαρίου 2013


I bought fresh blueberries the other day for the first time! 4.85 euros for 125 gr. (It's a good thing Philip doesn't have the time to read my blog anymore) I have been flirting with them everytime I was seeing them at the bio market, but never bought them because of the price. But now I have a job and my own money!!! So I'm buying extremely pricey organic blueberries!

WONDERING how to make Nereus have fun with reading books. I have been reading to him since he was a newborn and suddenly he just wants to 'read' for about 20 seconds and then he insists to put the book back to the bookself by himself. This is exhausting because the bookself is high. I'm thinking about moving his books (not the ones that get torn apart) into a basket or somewhere else that he can have access to. Maybe he wants to have control over when the books are out of the bookcase. Maybe this way he's gonna love the books again. Or maybe I have to accept the fact that he has a talent in the art of placement!

LOATHING the fact that just when Nereus got better, the weather got really crazy! Yesterday we had a beautiful sunshine and now, the craziest rain I have seen in years. What's happening?

COOKING in a totally different way! First of all, my lack of interest in cooking has totally dissapeared. Now, I feel so confident about my cooking skills and I experiment more often. I have came up with some great recipes that I'm planning to share with you in the following weeks.

READING "Eating Animals" by Jonathan Safran Foer. I started reading this in August and still haven't finished it. I have this weird habit to start reading a book and then start reading another one and getting back to it later. I have a good amount of unfinished books in my library at the moment.

LISTENING to my mother's endless moaning. She worries too much about the house being clean and blames Nereus and me for the mess. Even though it makes me feel sad and unwelcomed, I'm trying nicely to explain to her that I am too busy to be able to take care of everyone and having the house perfectly clean. She knows that, but still making a big deal about it. Cohabitation can be really hard (especially if it's unwanted by both sides) , but if we were respecting each other and had more patience things would be so much better. I'm trying to make her enjoy our presence and make her understand that she will have many years in the future to enjoy a tidy home but not another chance to savor Nereus's laughter and games. She just doesn't get it. It seems like she wants to be angry. I don't know what to do with her anymore...can't we just live in harmony?


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Challenge yourself!


If your read my blog, you probably know that our life has been hard lately. Lack of love, time, money, space...
For a long period we have been quite miserable. We were constantly thinking about all those things we didn't have and how everything would be better if...if...if...
What I realised was that the problem was inside us! We thought that if we had more, we would be happier! So wrong! Materials can't buy happiness. We need to be grateful for what we have, sympathetic for everyone around as. We need a healthy body, a healthy brain and a heart full of love to thrive!
Since I realised that, I have been trying to find ways to make our life better.

My biggest problem was that I am surrounded by people who are not willing to give up their bad habits and negative emotions. I seriously can't remember when was the last time I spoke to a trully posititve person. It's understandable, with the conditions in our country. But I refuse to only feel doom and gloom! 
Being happy isn't hard, neither has to coast money (thanks to the internet)!

Want to know what my plans to be happier are...?

Interacting with positive people-do positive stuff!
A few weeks ago, one of the creators of Happify , contacted me and asked if I wanted to be one of their pioneers. I happily accepted, got started and fell in love with it! Happify is a usefull tool that helps you be a more positive, balanced and happy person! It encourages you to take daily(or as much as you want) activities and offers knowledge all related to happiness! I swear this thing works! My experience so far is more than positive...I love it! This site is still in beta but I can invite 5 people! So, if you can't wait contact me for details!

Being a yogi!
Since I remember myself, I have been doing some kind of excercise. From ballet to swimming and many other activities have kept my body fit and healthy.  My latest obsession is yoga, of course. I know it's hip, but I love how amazing it makes me feel. After a yoga class, I remember having this unique feeling of total relaxation and  great power at the same time!
After I had my son, I started doing yoga at home by myself. I quickly lost my motivation. It only lasted a few weeks. I desperately wanted to start doing yoga again, even just a few times a week, although I prefer practicing daily. Actually, this is one of my 22 before 22 list's goals (I secretely knew it would never happen). I was lucky enough to find Bettina from Little Old Souls who started this challenge. A group of ladies practising with me (from their own home, at their own pace) and a facebook group where we can share our experiences and help each other...well, it works for me! A couple of hours ago I finished my second practise and I feel a-w-e-s-o-m-e! You can join too...it's never too late!

Reconnect with my love!
Having a baby is a challenge for every couple. But for us, it was much more. Not because of the baby but for everything that happened to us since he came. The difficulties have broke us down. Way too many times we have thought about breaking up. And we're still here. Living with my parents, having almost no privacy, not enough money but we are fine! Not perfect, but fine! We love each other so much and maybe for the first time we are both really trying to repair our relationship. I have a lot to share about it, but not yet. Maybe in a later post!

Once again my life proves that the harder you work the luckier you get! I feel so positive for our future! Things are still hard, but for some reason I have an extremely optimistic view for the days that are coming! My new habits have enhanced the way I see things now! Man, I feel good!

What are you doing to be better?

May I beg for a vote?  :)
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Vegan Baby Led Weaning: Lunch (& Dinner)

Sweet potato curry over brown rice
Chickpea pattie, tortilla with hummus & green onions & dill, potato puree
Lentil soup and bread
Fava, beet root, beet greens and orange juice (with a beet in it...yes, I have a toddler)
Tofu scramble and polenta sprinkled with nutritional yeast
Tortilla pinwheels (hummus and bell peppers) and chickpea pattie (we love chickpea patties!)
Farro-spirulina spaghetti with arugula-tofu pesto (my hippie creation)
Lentil fritters, potatoes (I swear these are potatoes and not watermelon, I boiled them with the beets), beet roots and greens
Quinoa and black eyed peas salad
In Greece, lunch is usually the biggest meal of the day. Most (if not all) of these pictures are from Nereus's lunches. I have started offering dinner (leftovers from lunch usually) after his 1st birthday. That is because we used to have dinner veeery late, like 12pm. If Nereus was hungry he was having a rice cake or something. Now, that I eat earlier, he's normally having his dinner with me. Unless he's sick like these days. If he's sick he eats when he wants to (sparingly).

Nereus is currently obsessed with tofu! Oh, and throwing food in his water/juice and/or the opposite. What's your kid's latest, related to food, obsession?

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"A portrait of my child, once a week, in 2013."

Nereus: My poor little sick boy...he can't go out to play. He only gets in the balcony for a few minutes to watch the kitties and the cars passing by. It melts my heart seeing him in this condition.

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