Παρασκευή, 30 Νοεμβρίου 2012

Lunch in a restaurant

A few weeks ago, we won a 50 euro meal at a restaurant and yesterday, we decided to have this meal. So we took our baby and the metro and travelled across Athens to find this place.

My loves at the metro
Before we do that, I checked their online menu to be prepared. Although, many traditional greek dishes don't contain ANY animal products, when you tell someone in Greece that you're vegan he acts like you just said you are a ghost! I was surprised to see that the only vegan food they had was onion rings! I took a deep breath and thought of a polite way to ask them not to add cheese and sauces in some foods, so I could eat them.

This place was actually very good, the waitresses were amazingly kind and happily accepted my ''weird'' order. They also asked if the potatoes we ordered were for the baby because they use to add salt in the end (wow...!!).

My loves
I had a Chimay blue Trappist. An amazingly good high quality dark beer with wonderful aroma. And guess what? It's vegan!! Oh, it's not just that, part of the funds go to charity! Is there anything else you want from your beer?

My love held our baby, while he has waiting for his meal, so I could eat my mine. I had fried potatoes, onion rings and a gorgeous salad and an orange pineapple smoothie. Nereus had what I had.

When Phillip's meal came I took Nereus. We finished our food and had some fun before we leave. I know I love cooking my family's food from scratch so I can be sure what's in it. But, I have to admit that it was sooooo good to have someone else cook for me and serve me too. I looooooved it! I guess sometimes you need a little break, right?

I know I love cooking my family's food from scratch so I can be sure what's in it. But, I have to admit that it was sooooo good to have someone else cook for me and serve me too. I looooooved it! I guess sometimes you need a little break, right?
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Πέμπτη, 29 Νοεμβρίου 2012

And making it even better!

I finally spent a few minutes to take some photos of myself! This is something I wanted to do since the beginning of this blog but I always had something to do sooo...

I hate myself for doing that. Always waiting for the perfect time. And guess what? The perfect time never comes. If we want to make things happen, we have to act NOW!

These are  ecxactly the thoughts I had in my head when I took these photos.

10 minutes later I had many photos to choose from.

Was that so hard?

Now, I have a photo on my about me page so everyone can see who's that girl writing. And another one for my twitter so my followers (and yes, by followers I mean these two people who are following me...I need to learn how to use this thing) can see me instead of an egg (that's weird).

Τετάρτη, 28 Νοεμβρίου 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Recently

No blog schedule yet. I'm not sure what to keep and what to change. I've been really busy with my plan and a second one that has to be done. I'm sharing this full of pictures post because I wanted you to see what we've been doing recently!

Look at his face...my tiny love suffered from these bites...
Nereus ΙΝ the stroller AND sleeping...these are odds...
Making this A-M-A-Z-I-N-G raw almond coco butter->recipe soon to be posted on Natural Parents Network <-I'm honored
Helping daddy to empty the dishwasher.
Toasting coconut!

Chasing this little creature.
Daddy love.
Little cousins playing (as long as I'm a young mom non of my friends have kids and my son doesn't have many chances to play with others kids->precious moment)
Super drooler-totally teething.

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Τρίτη, 27 Νοεμβρίου 2012

14 months

Woah! This little man is growing so fast! Wasn't it yesterday that I wrote the 13 months post about him?As he grows up, I feel more and more in love with him. He's miming us in the funniest way! He is our pure joy!

Funny facts
  • He loves playing with his cars and he's saying vroom everytime he sees them. 
  • He demands his mam (food) all the time. 
  • He feeds us whenever he gets the chance. He also laughs hard when I pretend to drink my own milk and pushing my head to do it again when I stop.
  • He's getting up on his highchair  and scares me to death.
  • He looooves being outside.When he hits his head somewhere he touches the spot with his tiny hands and doing his sad face and saying boom. This is so cute that (although I know it's wrong) I was laughing at first and now he's doing it on purpose all the time so I can laugh. He bangs his head eveywhere and I don't know what to do to stop this. It's still funny though.
  • He loves rock and hip hop music. When he listens to these kinds of music he dances like crazy. He's happy with every kind of music though.

He has been kinda grouchy. Maybe cause of teething, maybe cause of the recent discomfort...I don't know. He's so sweet that makes us forget about it.

The good thing is that his appetite is back. He usually won't eat much in the morning. He mostly asks for food at midday or noon. That's fine with me as long as he eats something.

Oh oh oh guess what...he has been making his first steps!!! When he's holding the sofa we tell him to come, he smiles and fully excited he runs to us. He makes 3 steps and falls. Still not balancing very well...

Oh my, can I stop the time? I love him excactly as he is!

Κυριακή, 25 Νοεμβρίου 2012

Making this place better!

I know I said I needed a break from blogging and with the situation in my life I HAD to take it. And of course it wasn't a real break, because I kept getting in and checking my stats, checking what place I am on top baby blogs, thinking about how to blog more and trying to make it nicer. It was mostly a break from my blog's routine.

These days I have mostly tried to add ways for us (you! my readers and me!) to get connected. So, If you like this blog and you want me to let you know when something new happens here, you can  check on the right sidebar to find many different ways to stay in touch and communicate. So far, you can follow me on facebook, twitter, pinterest, rss, email and google friend conect! I was excited to find out that the last few days way too many people have visited this blog. People from US, Germany, Brazil, Japan, Portugal, Pakistan, Croatia, UK, New Zealand, Canada, Switzerland, Russia, Hungary, Australia and Greece of course. I know that's what internet is supposed to do, but I can't stop being excited. 

If you are in one of those countries or on another one I didn't mention, I would looove to see a comment on this post telling me where you are from. Or you can communicate with me with one of the other ways I told you. 

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Τετάρτη, 21 Νοεμβρίου 2012

We're on Top Baby Blogs + a break!

About 2 weeks have passed since we joined top baby blogs. At first we were number #350 and now we're on page 5 number #117. Wow thanks everyone for voting and taking us there! This is huge for me!

I have this blog for almost one year but I consider it new because I just started to take it more serious. You know, for months not even my husband knew about it and it's just now I have released it to the world!

I have big plans for this blog like I have big plans for our life. But everytime things seem to be in an order and I am able to dream and make my dreams come true, things change dramatically. This time is one of those times and I have mixed feelings about everything that happens here. I have a big problem with the totally unorganised life of mine and like this wasn't enough big big changes came again. Phillip lost his job and this is seriously bad because jobs are so hard to find these days. I don't believe he'll find a job eventually.

I'm trying to be positive and welcome this change. This certainly opens new  doors for us. We just have to move quickly. We have no time and we need money. We could probably make it happen if our son was older and didn't need us to be 24 hours over him. Oh, I didn't mention he's not good again. Something bit him and he's covered with pimples and he's fuzzy. It's been almost two months that our family health is so bad...wtf?

Blogging is something that just can't happen these days that my baby's only comfort is my breast. I also can't find my notebook (wich had all my goals in it) and I feel totally lost. I have te rethink, reorganise and plan something completely different for us pretty fast. That's why I decided to take a little break from blogging and other stuff just to come back stronger. I hope this break won't be long. In the meanwhile I'll be trying to make it more functional.

It's time for these little shoes to go away again...
Something different is going to happen soon. We have a little plan that's gonna take us a little closer to our dream. I can't say anything more yet. Come back to check for this new thing and don't forget to vote for us!

 Love & Peace

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Τετάρτη, 14 Νοεμβρίου 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Recently (our little vacation)...

Last weekend we had a much needed trip to my grandma's. We saw our family, we had walks in nature, we got a little bit of extra rest and had a lot of fun. This post is full of photos I took during our trip. Enjoy!

Just woke up and confused...where are we mama?

Breastfeeding in the car.
Lentil patties and bread lunch for Nereus
Feeding mama
My biggest obsession
Pretty pregnant goat

Feeding her
Little chickens
Stylish little man
Nature walks
Eggplant from my grandma's vegetable garden

Grandpa's tractor best toy ever
he hanged on trees...
...and he found what homo sapiens babies used as a rattle

Roses still bloom in Greece
He wanted to write
the result
Minutes before we leave
Snacking on dried blueberies-on the way back

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