Παρασκευή, 27 Ιουλίου 2012

10 months old

Happy little birthday to my gorgeous baby son!

I can’t believe he’s already ten months old! Only two months left before he turns one. Wow, time runs so fast.

I remember when he was a newborn and on the first months, I couldn’t believe how quiet and moveless he was. See, because of my job( I’ll write about this one day), I had a lot of experience with children over two years. I knew I could play endless hours with children of all ages and keep them entertained. But babies… nothing! I had no idea how the hell you change a diaper or feed a baby or play with him. I never even had held a baby on my arms. I was to young when I got pregnant and none of my friends younger or older had a child. I remember telling Phillip that I had no idea about babies and that I would totally needed his help. So, all these months, his quietness was making me wonder ‘’Why do they show in movies babies crawling,playing,laughing ,screaming,talking etc. That doesn’t happen in reality. Everyone used to tell me that he was going to do all these stuff…just later. So I waited and now all of these happen!!

He is crawling pretty fast, holds furniture and stand up, plays with everything he finds (and tastes everything as well), he laughs so loud, he says mama, he eats alone (BLW), he is peek a booing, he’s chewing something(toy or food) and gives it to me to taste it too, he holds something-I ask him to give it to me-he does but the last-minute he pulls it back and laughs, he makes a mess, he’s uperkinhtikos …excactly what I wanted. He fulfills my day with his cute little voices, his amazing 4 teeth smiles and the softest skin ever!

I love love loooooove you my crazy baby!

Σάββατο, 21 Ιουλίου 2012

Away from Athens...

...well, not too far...about 2 hours away with a ferry. But in a completely different scenery. At my grandma's house, in a quiet village.

I've been here for 4 days and I love it so much! It is exactly what I needed...I'm so relaxed. Finally, I get to breathe some oxygen and eat some really fresh food! Like seriously fresh. My grandpa brings vegetables from his landfield or we can pick fruits and vegetables from my granny's little garden and eat them straight. We slowly chew them and get the most of their energy. Isn't that great?

My granma also has chickens, turkeys and a pig. I don't eat meat, I'm a vegan.  Have I mentioned that before? No? Well, I'm planning to make a post about me and my son being vegan soon. Anyway, about the chickens, I wouldn't eat them of course, but I eat some eggs now and then. I only eat my grandma's chickens' eggs when I'm here. I don't really trust commercial eggs, even if they sell them as bio and as from grazing chickens. Although I love eggs, I choose to eat them only once in a while and just my granma's chickens' eggs because I know she treats them with respect, they always have access to fresh food and water and live in a huge coop.

But, enough with the food. My baby loves it here, too. I take him to see the chickens, turkeys and the piggy every morning and noon. He made an 18 month old friend, Kostas, and they play together sometimes. Actually, it's more like Kostas gathering every toy is around and won't let anything for my baby to play with. That's so funny. He once pulled my son's hair...his reaction? He cried a bit, but didn't seem to understand what really happened! I can't believe he's already in this stage. ''Playing'' with other kids and ''fight'', too. I have to think what my reaction should be when babies ''fight''. I want him to be polite and share his toys. I guess he's too young for this, but you know, they grow so fast! Anyway, I let him crawl inside the house or outside and he is always dirty. He's trying to catch cats. He is grabbing grapes of the vineyard and trying to eat them. He tastes leaves and branches he finds around the yard. We put him on a basket and drag him around. My aunt brought her nephew's baby walker and we putted him in it yesterday but he won't stay in there for more than two minutes (thank you universe...I'm so against using walkers). He has become a true village baby. So wild and so dirty! I have no idea how things will be back in Athens, in an apartment.

We're having so much fun here...I don't want to go back!!

Παρασκευή, 13 Ιουλίου 2012

I am 21

13 of July was my birthday. I am 21 years old now. Wow!

So young, you might think. On the contrary, I believe I'm too old. Don't laugh! For many of you I might be a baby, but for me 21 years it's all my life. Sounds different when you say it this way right?

Ok, I don't actually believe I'm old, but I feel there are too many things I should have done so far and I haven't. Like this list I had made. It had some goals that had to be accomplished before my 21st birthday. Ok, when I made it, only 6 months have left before my birthday and some of them have to do with homesteading and could never happen as long as I don't have my own home any more!

I'll have to try harder this time! I'll make a new list and I'll do my best to make these things happen!

Δευτέρα, 9 Ιουλίου 2012

To Blog Or Not?

So, things here have been good and bad. I live at my mom's for more than a month now, and I have to admit it's not that bad. I mean, at first I was freaking out with the idea but, it's not as bad as I thought. I had all these concerns that her dog would bark  in the middle of the night and wake up the baby. Or that they would watch tv loudly all day long and don't let my baby sleep. Or that they would shout all the time and wake baby up. Yes, no sleeping baby is my worst nightmare, as long as it's so hard for him to fall and stay asleep. He almost always sleeps on my breast and that means that I'm the only person who can make him sleep. Only once or twice a month, he will be so exhausted from a walk that he'll fall asleep in the car, bus or someone's lap. Plus he wakes up sooo easily. So, sleeping and staying asleep is like a gift for me.

So, back to the point. Living with my parents, is not nice cause some of those things I mentioned actually happen sometimes. Also, I can't go to the bathroom whenever I want, walk around naked (don't picture that), have a beer whenever I want (my mom thinks you get wasted with one beer), move things around and in general I don't have the freedom I had in my house. The worst thing, it's that for more than a month, we had no internet connection in the house. That's why I haven't posted for such a long time. Fortunately, I have no blog readers yet. Otherwise they would have forgotten me.

Well, ok there are some good things about living with my parents. Like if I had a really bad day and never made it to do the dishes for exaple, someone else will probably do it. Or that if I need someone to keep an eye on my son for a minute, there's almost always somenone available. Or, like the other day that I went to the grocery store, picked fruits an vegetables, paid for them and went back home without the fruits an vegetables. Yeah! It was an extermely hot day, in they middle of the summer, in the middle of the day and I was sweating, the baby wanted some breastmilk and going back there was not going to happen. So, after breastfeeding my son to sleep, I called my dad who went to get my stuff! Well, there is always a good and a bad side!

With all these stuff going on, I've been so long away from blogging and all this complicated situation made me think a lot. At first I thought that we would have internet connection after a week or so and that I would quickly find my rythm and start blogging again...but no. As the days were passing by, negative thoughts began to occupy my mind. I had some serious problems with my man and I thought what's the point to continue with the blog. When we finally got our internet connection back, the first thing I did was read a few blogs I follow. I didn't enter my blog though, until now. As, I was reading and reading the fire lightened. I knew I wanted to do this too.

So, here I am again. It was hard for me to adapt to my new life...but, I'm trying to put a programm and get things going. Unforunately I have problems with my camera, too. So, no photos for now. I'm already trying to fix it, though.

Wow! I can't explain how much relieved I feel right now. This is very big for me cause I used to quit very easily in the past. I love writing and I love working to make this blog nice. I know I have a lot of work to do until I make it look nice and have some good content and that's what I'm going to do!
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