Σάββατο, 25 Φεβρουαρίου 2012

Midnight Post

Today it was a perfect sunny day! I woke up really late and I've been grouchy, cause I didn't have the time to do all those things I wanted. Anyway, I went for a walk with my baby who was also grouchy for reasons unknown. We went to the playground, did some swinging...he was really interested in some wild-running with bicycles-boys. I totally believe he's going to be a seriously energetic child. We left the playground and walked around the neighborhood. After a while. he have fell asleep and I was full of energy from the sun. Perfect! We went back home, he continued sleeping and I kept preparing my mother's birthday cake.Yes, it was her birthday! The rest of my day was cake preparation-baby stuff-cleaning. Late in the afternoon my friend Daphne visited, brought a gift for the baby and invited as in the masque party at the bar she is working. The weather was unusually good, so we decided to go. My mother have made this great chili pepper costume for the baby and it was the perfect time for him to put it on. At first we went to my mum to extinguish her candle. I made this cake for her.

I've been preparing it since yesterday. It is sooo time consuming, but she totally worth it! Instead of chocolate shavings on top, I putted mint leaves. That was the best idea ever...they tasted amazing. The next time I'm going to cover the whole cake with mint leaves. We ate the cake and took the way to the masque party with our chili pepper. It was a very warm night and sitting outside was easy. We wouldn't like our child to be somewhere full of cigarette smoke or diseases. My friend Elpida joined us later. And oh,boy! After all this time I had some beer! It was my first night out since I had the baby...and I had beer...on a bar...at night! Still can't believe it!

Πέμπτη, 23 Φεβρουαρίου 2012

Mind Tricks

Today, I had an MRI to make sure my Paresis Of Facial Nerve is caused by a virus. I've never done one before and certainly I wasn't prepared to have it. Before I have an examination or take medication, I always ask family and friends and do some internet research to get some opinions. But, not today! I got in the tomography room, this nice gentleman spreaded some paper on a long bed-thing and asked me to lie down. I did, so far so good. He asked me a few questions and then he said I'd have to stay in there for half an hour. Ok, I thought...wait what??? Half an hour in there??? He gave me a small balloon shaped thingy to squeeze if I needed something. Ok, I thought. Oh no, who am I kidding? It's not ok, I feel trapped...I'm freaking out!!! Wait, focus! Think positive! I just breastfed the baby, so he's not going to need me soon. Yeah, but if something happens to him...are the gonna tell me or wait till the examination ends? Nothing's gonna happen silly! What if an earthquake happens? Are they gonna leave me here? No earthquake's gonna happen, relax! Ok , I'm fine...oh no, why should we be on a basement? I'm so scared! My stomach feels like...oh man! It's ok...everything's gonna be ok! I'm in Peristeri (that's where I've been living for the biggest part of my life), my mother and my son are right outside. Nothing's gonna happen to me. But what if something happens to them...I won't be able to protect them?! Listen Krysta...THINK POSITIVE...ok let's see...my favourite beach, babies, yoga, the sun, lots of books, orange, camping...hey that works...cooking, dancing, love, pedicure, stars, beer...nice...good for me...I'm totally relaxed! Half an hour so, that's a lot...probably only 5 minutes have already passed. Hey, remember positive thinking...I won't even realize when all this time have passed. So, let's explore this place a bit. I tried to lift my head up... not possible. I tried to spread my arm to see how deep my body is to this machine. Every now and then I was feeling the bed moving deeper (creepy). I heard the gentle man's voice...''Try to remain still...our photos are blurry''. Oops, no more exploration for me. I'm kinda used to that...hey, I kinda like it here! The ''door'' opens and a nice doctor is looking at me. Asks some questions and gets me out.  Phew...that was a journey! Man your mind can play really dirty games with you. I wish I could control mine better and don't let fear get in the way. At least I have my relaxing thoughts...they help me a ton!

Something to remember: While breastfeeding no MRI outline should happen cause after that they give you non breastfeeding compatible medication. At least that's what happens in Greece.

Τετάρτη, 22 Φεβρουαρίου 2012

...And 3 Reasons Why It's not!

After the 3 Reasons Why It's Good to Have a Baby While You're Young here comes the 'negative' side of being a parent at a young age!

1) Jealousy

Sometimes I have some lovely friends visiting. That's something very special for me. It's the break in my routine. It's always going great when, as the sun falls bown, they begin to make calls to arrange what will do later. That's when I realise that their visit here is just the starter and they plan about the main dish in front of me without counting me in! I feel my stomach burning. Jealousy! How much I want to go out and have some casual time with them, drink some beer, have a cigarette, talk, laugh, dance. Man I really miss that! For I moment a strong thought passes through my mind...why the hell did I have a baby??? STOP...FOCUS...it's ok! It's my decision to breastfeed, use attachment parenting method and other things that makes me not to able to leave my baby with my mother for example and go out and have some fun with friends. It's my decision to offer him what I consider the best and it happens to be seriously demanding. All I have to do is stick with it and be patient. In two or three years ererything will be way easier for me and guess what I'll be only 23. Just-be-patient (now exhale)!

2) Repression

We all know about those grown ups who have an appearance and/or do stuff that are not appropriate for their age. Speaking about appropriate I believe someone can do whatever he wants as long as he doesn't bother the people around him. So I have no problem about what someone wears, does or says as long as he respects me, my space and my property. But generally it's nice to be able to do things that suit your age. If someone or something represses you, when you'll find the chance, you'll burst! That doesn't seem right...right? As for me I hope everything ends up well. I really worry about this sometimes.

3) Social Environment

I think this is the worst! Generally I don't care about what society says. But when you're pregnant and the first after birth months are a little to veeeery emotional. Hormones are tricky man!! Back to me...during my pregnancy and after birth I heard two or three bad opinions about me having a baby. In normal days I would just pass it, but during my hormones' crazy party, I felt horrible, cried and then passed it. Sounds easy? Well it wasn't! It ruined my day! Well maybe having a baby at my age, in the Greece of crisis, without a serious income wasn't the best idea. But having a baby rocks! Screw you people!

Τρίτη, 21 Φεβρουαρίου 2012

Paresis Of Facial Nerve

Yesterday I visited a very good doctor. I was diagnosed with paresis of facial nerve. The left side of my face is paralyzed. That means I can't close my eye properly, I don't have wrinkles anymore, food and water are trying to escape from my mouth (my paralysis makes it so easy), I can't smile or talk like before, not even kiss my baby  and all of this only on the left side of my face. It's pretty weird! At first people think I do it in purpose...unfortunately I'm not!

Can you see how my left side denies to move?

What people said about my face:

My mum: Ooh please keep it for Halloween!!! (we don't actually have Halloween in Greece, but some other kind of dressing up tradition before spring)

My brother: You talk like Sylvester Stallone!!!

My husband: He watches me all the time to see what I'm going to say and how, so he can mime me later!!!

My cousin Alice: Didn't even notice!!! Still wondering why everybody's teasing me!

A drunk old friend of my husband's: 1.Don't do this face to me lady! 2.You look like Stallone (yep I get a lot of that)!

How it feels to be like quasimodo? Not good! But as always I try to be optimistic. I laugh with the peoples' jokes...to be honest it is funny. I even made a gif...who does that?

Seems it was more serious than I thought. Well again I was lucky cause if I have left it and not start medication in the first 3 days since the symptoms started I would run the risk of a permanent mark. At least now it will be cured, it's just takes a lot of time. I hope everything goes well!


Κυριακή, 19 Φεβρουαρίου 2012

Anything Else?

I had a weird numbness on the left side of my face the whole day. I had a little trouble eating and drinking and it was a little annoying but it was supportable. Late on the afternoon I was talking on the phone with my mother and when I told her what happens to me, she suggested to see a doctor. And that's what I did! At about 8.00 pm I went to the first aid centre. I told the pathologist what happens, she did a few tricks with my face and she said: You are young and you'll be worried...you have paresis of facial nerve...it's not my specialty so I can't give you anything...you have to see a neurologist immediately. Go to an overnight hospital. You can cure it with warmness, massages and meds, it's just takes a lot of time. Don't worry!

I said I worry cause I have a baby who breastfeeds. She said I should not feed my baby with my milk while I take meds, instead throw it away (the milk silly, not the baby). Damn it! I went back home. Informed Phillip, breastfed the baby and about 10.00 pm we all got in the car and traveled to the hospital.

They had a weird system there. When you were getting in the hospital there was a security lady. You had to tell here were you pain and she would diagnosed what doctor you had to see!!! After that you had to take a number and wait for your turn. Every few minutes the same security lady was calling what number that should get into. Anyway, we waited for at least one hour and she never even mentioned about a neurologist. So we went to ask her. Then she asked the other security (I wonder what she says when people ask her what job she does) if there are a lot of people in the neurologist's, he said no, so we got in (!!!). 'In' was ehm ok...a big room separated by curtains, that hided nothing. A chaotic room where all the doctors and patients were one over the other. I waited for a few minutes but they kept bringing people on stretchers. I took a look around me. I saw people bleeding, elderly people insensible/on drugs/having injections. Between them my problem seemed so small. I thought about leaving. There were people in serious condition and I would tell the doctor that I have a slight numbness on my face...? I would feel ashamed! Plus most (maybe all) the doctors were specializers which in greek means take drugs and stay overnight cause I take no responsibility. In combination with the doom that was going, I don't think I would get the chance to get valid information about a natural, breastfeeding friendly cure cause I'm not gonna stop breastfeeding for any reason!

I wonder what else is gonna happen to me after...

the Carpal Tunnel Syndrom in both hands

the scratches baby does to me all the time

and a few other things that wouldn't be polite to talk about in public!

The good thing is that the baby have been very cooperative. That means he slept the whole time at his daddy's hug. About my problem...I searched a bit over the internet and found out it's not so bad as I thought...I'll just have to live with the fact that I'be laughing and talking like Stalone for a short of time hahaha. Tomorrow afternoon I'll visit a neurologist in his office. I wish everything goes well!

Σάββατο, 18 Φεβρουαρίου 2012

3 Reasons Why It's Good To Have A Baby While You're Young

Notice: I'm not trying to convince anyone to make a baby at a young age. Every person is different. Therefore someone may be mature enough to have a baby at 20 while someone else at 40. Although I consider myself mature enough for my age, I have to admit that having a baby is not easy at all. So be careful people. Especially you ladies...don't do something that you'll regret later.

Having a baby at a young age has a lot of advantages.

1. You Are Fearless

Young people do lots of crazy stuff that older ones don't. I think this is because we (the young ones) haven't seen or heard about too many sad  incidents. That makes us feel like we can do everything. When obstacles occur, people realise that they're not invincible. They become more careful, less impulsive. This usually comes as a person is growing up but it depends on the experiences and the temperament. But how the hell is being fearless helps with having a baby? Well, many people tell me that I am a very relaxed mama and that they didn't expect me to handle all the baby thing so good. I think it's because I don't worry too much about things like illness, food etc. so I spend my time playing with my baby, going for walks, reading about babies, blogging and other stuff that make me relax.

2.You Have A Lot Of Energy

I have friends in their thirties and forties that have always been jealous (in a good way) of my ability to wake up in the morning, go to work, get back home, do something...whatever, then go out, drink drink drink, get back home at 3am, sleep for 3 hours, wake up and do the same. Ok this is not my ability, it's anyone's who's in his twentys. I guess you see why this is helpful when you have a baby that wakes up at 3 am and decides that he wants to play!

3.You'll Have Similar Interests With Your Kid

I believe we are all aware of the generation gap. Although I have to mention those few old people whith hearts younger than many young people's hearts. I love those guys!!

That's all for me! I guess you'd also like to read the negatives about being a young mum!

Πέμπτη, 16 Φεβρουαρίου 2012

Children Quotes

When things get hard and I feel pressured...somehow, something nice gets into my world to make me rethink. I accidentaly read a saying about children today, when I was not very well. I found it so uplifting, that I kept searching for children quotes like that. I have to come back everytime I feel unpleasant.

  • Kids: they dance before they learn there is anything that isn't music.  -William Stafford

  • The average child, does things right. The unlimited child, does the right thing. Don't force square children go through round holes. -G.Koras

  • Boy, n.:  a noise with dirt on it.  ~Not Your Average Dictionary

Τετάρτη, 15 Φεβρουαρίου 2012

Very Late Valentines Post

So valentines day...everything seemed to be as usual. I went to my mother to eat lentil soup. I went into to her room to change baby's diaper and I found this.

the dialog went like this...

me: You got that for dad???

my mama: No.

me: Don't tell me...dad got that for you???!!!

my mama: No. I got it for my valentine...

me worried: Who's your valentine mama???

my mama: Your son silly!


That chocolate egg!!!

Κυριακή, 12 Φεβρουαρίου 2012

The City Is Burning

I watch the news. People with batons...people with rocks. The national library in flames. There's a war out there. I know that's all about breaking up the anger. But it hurts me now like it never hurted me before. It hurts me cause everything goes from bad to worse like never before. It hurts me cause I have this little man and I see all the innosence of the world in his eyes. One word...why??? Why does he have to live with this situation??? Our ''good'' politicians just voted for the new measures. Well it's easy for them. Thery're not workers, they're not pensioners. How the hell are we gonna live like this? It's already very hard to survive. And of course I know there are worse. But just like every mama I want the best for my son. I didn't choose this future for my him. They did. At least I have my conscience clear cause I never voted for them. But I'm scared...I don't even know if I have the right to be scared. In my arms I hold him and he's the future of this world. My arms should be strong...my heart too...so is my soul. I have to keep smiling. Cause I brought him here to offer him an amazing life. That's what I have to do...

Πέμπτη, 9 Φεβρουαρίου 2012

List Lover!

I don't know why but I love making lists! I make lists about everything. From little stuff I have to do during the day, to big plans and dreams. I used to make lists everyday. I couldn't imagine that I would spend a day without a list. Well ok I didn't use to make lists when I was on vacation or on those days that you wake up and decide that you'll do nothing. But in normal days I needed this kind of organisation to make it through. I'm a person who never says no (I'm already working on that), so I find myself drinking coffee or walking around with friends instead of sewing this damn skirt I want to sew for about 2 months, all the time. Having some plans written, seems to me more official. Seems like there is something I HAVE TO DO! Plus if I forget something, my list always reminds me. Recently, I found out that my mother and her sister also love making lists.

As I said I used to make lists everyday. Now I don't even have the time to pee. But when there is my mother or a friend around to keep my baby busy I try to make lists. The last few days I'm working on a 21 before 21 list. A list of things that I want to do before my 21st birthday. I'm almost finished whith it so I'm going to post it soon.

That's all for now. Don't you love this little dude?

Κυριακή, 5 Φεβρουαρίου 2012

Baby Face Expressions

[caption id="attachment_269" align="aligncenter" width="600" caption="SLEEPY-SAD"]SLEEPY-SAD[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_270" align="aligncenter" width="600" caption="SCARED"][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_271" align="aligncenter" width="600" caption="HAPPY"][/caption]

I love the little face expressions he does during the day...

...isn't he the cutest?

Σάββατο, 4 Φεβρουαρίου 2012

Baby's Second Laugh Out Loud and more

Today, I was at my mom's. The baby was sleeping, so I thought I could leave him for ten minutes and go over my house to do the laundry. When I came back I found my mom changing baby's diaper. She told me a great story. A few minutes after I left, Maya (her dog), went close to her and started complaining. She never does such things so my mom did quiet and heard the baby crying!!! It was so sweet that the doggie informed my mother that my son was crying...

After that, I was holding my little monkey while sitting on the couch. Maya was doing crazy things to make me notice her and play with her. When baby monkey saw this little black/brown creature moving at the speed of light, started laughing like a crazy. That was so funny. Maya is a really cute dog and always wants us to play with her. The baby seems to enjoy watching her move like she's performing a trick at circus. Maya smells him and he is looking at her, trying to figure out what kind of creature is that maybe?

I can't wait for him to grow and play with Maya. I think they're gonna be such good friends. I just can't wait...



Παρασκευή, 3 Φεβρουαρίου 2012

No solids before 6 months (or so)

I have studied a lot these days. A LOT!!!

I realised that here, in Greece (and I'd really like to know what happens in other countries), every doctor says and does whatever he wants. I mean others suggest to introduce solids at 4 months, others at 4,5 months, others at 5 etc. I don't know why and how everyone comes to each conclusion but what I have found so far is:

1) Old doctors are very experienced, but they seem to stick to what they've learnt at the university and they never or rarely keep abreast of new research. That makes them kinda not very breastfeeding friendly

2) Young doctors are usually nicer and scholastic. They are more breastfeed friendly.

I believe that we have to choose our doctors. There must be chemistry between us...we must think the same way. If I had the chance I would change a million pediatricians to find the one that fits with my philosophy. Plus I would visit an holistic doctor too. But things are not easy for us at the moment. We don't have much money and I can't do that. So, about the food, I choose to follow the american academy of pediatrics, national health organization and LLL advice, so... NO SOLIDS BEFORE 6 MONTHS (or so)! I say or so because I'm planning to let my baby  show me the way. I think HE knows best, HE...not any best selling book writer and definitely not any milk seller (aka pediatrician)!

Thank god I have a great man on my side who supports my decisions. Well, now I have plenty of time to organize and prepare a vegan diet for us!!!
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